A teacher working with the schoolchildren Planet Aid Teacher Training OWU 2
Teacher Training College

 Amalika Teacher Training College was established in Thyolo District, Malawi during 2007 with funding from a partnership between Planet Aid and the United States Department of Agriculture.  The school, operated by Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Malawi, works to train qualified and compassionate primary school teachers for rural areas of Malawi.Humana People to People Federation

 The next part of the day's programme was the Premiere of a documentary film about Teacher Training in Malawi made by Csaba Szeremley and Bea Somogyi, previously employed by DAPP UK and Planet Aid UK respectively.

The day ended with more African song and dance by the Zimwomen, with members of the audience joining in the dancing and playing the drums.

Teachers Needed

At Planet Aid, a key focus is supporting early childhood education for both girls and boys, and continuing education for young and older adults. As most evidence shows, education remains the single most important “change factor” in transforming lives of the impoverished. In the 26 colleges that Planet Aid supports in Angola, Malawi, and Mozambique, 3,000 new primary school teachers graduated last year alone. These teachers are a critical link in the education chain. Learning occurs and flourishes when children can read and write and have regular access to schools and resources. Planet Aid-funded programs build and maintain schools as well as provide a steady stream of new teachers for current and future students. Higher literacy rates open multiple opportunities and encourage education within families. Literacy rates increase among younger siblings if older children are taught, and this knowledge often spills forward to new generations.

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